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Washi Tape on Scrapbook Layouts + Washi Tape Bundles by Layle

scrapbook obsession scrapbook supplies Aug 08, 2022
layle by mail washi tape bundle #2 hearts stripes numbers


I know lots of crafty people these days use washi tape in their bullet journals. But one of my favorite things is to include some on a scrapbook page. Just one strip of washi tape is such a great way to add a special accent to a layout. Or you can use several, even covering a whole PAGE with washi tape if you want!


"Kissable" by Stephanie Buice - Doodebugblog.com


Isn't that layout amazing? There's a good reason washi tape is so stinkin' popular among scrapbookers, and lots of different washi tapes to choose from.




Where to Find Washi Tape Scrapbook Layouts


If you're short on ideas and need inspiration for an easy way to use it, here are some washi tape scrapbook ideas via Pinterest boards. As you'll see, there are tons of different ways to incorporate strips of washi tape on your page.


I also found this YouTube channel playlist that may inspire you.



Now onto Layle's washi tape bundles ...


Layle by Mail Scrapbooking and Traveler's Notebook Supplies


I got to meet Layle Koncar a couple of times back in the day at CHA (Craft and Hobby Association, HUGE craft industry show). She worked with Simple Stories and was on their design team. SS was my absolute favorite scrapbooking company who I used to blog about all. the. time. (HERE's my old CHA blog post with a pic of Layle).


Prior to Simple Stories becoming its own scrapbooking company, I worked as a consultant for years for their direct sales company Memory Works. They were such a great company to work for. Anyhow, I think I took a class from Layle once as well.


Enough memory lane! Now as I wade back into the scrapbooking world after a long absence, I see that Layle now has her own online shop called Layle by Mail. She carries some really cute stuff! Including some of the MOST adorable washi tape sets I've seen in a while.


>> Note: Each of the underlined headings below will take you to website page for that bundle!


Layle By Mail Exclusive Washi Tape Bundle #1


days, months, squirrels, measuring tapes  



 Layle By Mail Exclusive Washi Tape Bundle #2

hearts, stripes, scallops, numbers 



Layle By Mail Exclusive Washi Tape Bundle #3



dots, stripes, calendars, stars, floral


Did I lie? Nope, I didn't. Those are cute, huh?! Which tapes were your favorites? If I could pick my top 6 to make my own bundle, I'd go with:


  • set 1, yellow ruler
  • set 2, big hearts, stripes, little hearts
  • set 3, dots, big stars (< love all the bright colors on a white background)



Although the Layle by Mail site doesn't appear to offer free shipping on these washi tape sets, they are all currently on sale $23.94 $18.99!


At 66 yards of washi tape per bundle, that's a lot of tape! How much fun could you have doing DIY projects and paper crafts with all that? (No, me and the scrapbooking police won't hold you to JUST using it on layouts, lol).


So my main question is: How in the heck are we supposed to decide which bundle?


I suppose if one were into enabling scrapbookers, they'd mention how - when you put all 3 bundles into your shopping cart - you're actually SAVING $5 per bundle. So 3 sets, that's ... ummmm ... a $15 dollar savings! (doublecheck my math? #EnglishMajor). I assume that would really help with shipping costs. Just sayin' ... ;)


Well, either I convinced you - or I wish you luck deciding which one of these washi tape bundles to choose, lol. Happy scrapping!